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Recipes From The Stillroom

The Stillroom was perhaps the most important room in a home. In these times, the nearest doctor, if there was one, could be several miles away and accessed only by horse; or worse still, on foot, thus requiring a manor house and later a homestead to be self sufficient. The Stillroom, and the special women who worked there, were revered and valued for their knowledge and skill as they sustained the health and well-being of those in their care, often totally responsible for saving and prolonging their lives.

The Stillroom Recipe book was passed down from mother to daughter. The word "recipe" originally referred to a medicinal formula, and a recipe book for the Stillroom may contain everything from medicinal recipes to cough syrups, cosmetics, liniments, perfumes, pomanders, food preservation, jams and jellies, wool dyeing, candle making, and soap making much like some of the favorite recipes passed down from our ancestors are today; Grandma's famous pie crust or turkey gravy recipe becoming a family legacy passed to the next generation.

Today, with the increasing interest in aromatherapy, Essential Oils, herbs, minerals, and other natural forms of health care, the arts of the Stillroom are again gaining recognition and are truly the birthright of every individual.

Whenever you make a simple herbal recipe, scent a homemade candle, enjoy a potpourri from your own herb garden , make an herbal vinegar or preserve food, you are participating in the preservation of the tradition of the arts and the legacy from the long-forgotten Stillroom.

We invite you to join the many who have gone before you, feeling the connection with those who have preserved the traditions of the Stillroom, and return to safer, chemical free, and toxic free healing and living for you and your loved ones.

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